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Boys & Girls Youth Basketball


“My son is one of those kids that never made his school team throughout middle school, but we played WBBL every year, and he made the high school team. This league is a huge blessing for the late bloomers out there. And my son is a WBBL success story.

Keep it up! This league is making an impact. And Robert Hewgley is a passionate, well-organized leader that runs a great program.”
- Brad G

The best basketball development league our family has found. Highly organized and operates efficiently. We happily drive 45 minutes for this league. We love that the kids are taught fundamentals and the game, all while having fun. We highly recommend WBBL to anyone.

   - Kandice L

“WBBL is the best recreational league in the Knoxville area. Robert has truly built an amazing program. He & his staff are dedicated to the game & I cannot imagine the amount of time they spend perfecting all details. We consider many of the staff apart of our family & appreciate everything they do to help improve the skill set of our little baller.”
- Ashley H

“Can't say enough good things about WBBL! Knowledgeable coaches who are great with ALL the kids. They work great with all skill levels. Positive atmosphere with amazing basketball! Love, love, love it! My son always leaves tired, a little better, and encouraged. Thank you for running a top notch organization!”

- Lee Anne J

“I am going to put both of my kids through the WBBL. It is such a great developmental place for children and Robert is fully dedicated to his craft. It's a great representation of what what youth sports should be. Thanks WBBL!!”
                                      - Eric A

“This is a fantastic association. Son learned so much and had such a great time. They were wonderful and spent so much time with the boys. Would highly recommend this to anyone interested in increasing skills.”
                                      - Debra S

“Love this place. Great place to learn ball skills and about the game! Very respectful instructors and my kids love coming here!”
  - Cassidy T

“A great league giving kids and teenagers an opportunity to play or get better at the sport of basketball. My sons and grandsons have been playing since they turned 8 years old until  they turned 17.”
  - Carlos J

“I am so appreciative of you guys, and the AMAZING work you are doing by investing your time in young female athletes. It’s remarkable. We had the best time with the WBBL and basketball this year. You guys helped inspire our daughter, thank you!”
     - Joy F

“I absolutely Love WBBL!!! I took my twin girls there with very little knowledge of the game or skills they needed to play and they were able to make their middle school team the following year. Great instructors and a great program!!! I was very impressed and would recommend them to everybody!!!
- Alicia A

“Very well run basketball league with excellent opportunities for growth as a player, or just good fun for recreational players.  There is something for everyone. My son had some of the best times of his life playing at WBBL. I understand that they will be having an all-girls league soon, so if you have a daughter who plays basketball this is the place for her.”
- Rob K

“WBBL is an incredibly well organized, nurturing league. I have so enjoyed watching my sons grow with the tremendous leadership from the staff & coaches.”
- Caroline V

“After trying other local leagues, WBBL will always prevail, hands down! Having a league commissioner, employees, and coaches who insure fairness among teams and players makes a world of difference.”
                                                                  - Jaime P