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Does a parent need to be present on Evaluation Night? 

A parent is not required to be present on evaluation night; however,

All players must register online and in advance here. This registration form must be completed before player attends evaluation. 

We do recommend at least one parent/guardian/adult be available to answer questions on evaluation night if need be.

How can I help?

If you would like to help the West Bearden Basketball League, please contact Robert at 865-258-3786 or email him at [email protected]

Possible roles include:

Head Coach 

Assistant Coach 

Team Manager

Gym Supervisor 


Score Keeper 

What size jersey should we order?

We provide size samples on Evaluation Nights.

Our shirts are a high quality performance fabric (Dri-fit) which does not shrink. 

You can order the player’s true size (i.e. a t-shirt that they like to wear and fits well).

Our size codes are:

- YXS= Youth Extra Small
- YS = Youth Small
- YM = Youth Medium
- YL = Youth Large
- YXL= Youth Extra Large

- AS= Adult Small
- AM= Adult Medium
- AL = Adult Large
- AXL = Adult Extra Large
- AXXL = Adult 2 XL
- AXXXL = Adult 3 XL

When do we get our jerseys?

Players will receive their jersey FROM THEIR COACH before their first game.

All coaches will have the opportunity to pick up their jerseys the day before the first Saturday of games at KAEC (5719 Kingston Pike). We highly recommend this. 

Otherwise, all jerseys will be delivered to game sites the first Saturday of games and coaches will need to receive them from the gym supervisor.  

All numbers will be pre-assigned by the league. No changing numbers unless for sizing purposes. If a change is necessary, coach is responsible for telling the score keeper of this change and emailing [email protected].

No jersey will be issued to player who has not paid or made payment arrangements with the Commissioner.

What kind of shoes and shorts should the player wear?

Any good pair of “sneakers” will do. Shoes that are meant for changing directions are ideal, such as "Basketball," "Court," "Cross-Training," or "Tennis" shoes. Shoes should be laced up snug.

All players should wear appropriate athletic shorts (no denim shorts, costumes, short/revealing shorts, etc.). Players should be dressed in a manner that respects that game of basketball. 

Are there other costs involved?

 The one-time fee of $290 is all that is required for the entire season. A team jersey is provided and the player gets to keep it. 

Games are free to all spectators. 

There is a picture day the second weekend of December. Parents or Grandparents decide what, if any, pictures they want to purchase. Legends Photography has a very affordable price schedule. 

Are there concessions at games?

No. Most gyms have water fountains present for water. 

How do you choose which age group my child is in?

A child’s “basketball” age is the age he/she was on September 1st. Players can "Play up" if they choose.

Girls (individual and teams) are allowed to play in the boy's divisions.

If a child chooses to play up a division they will need to register for the division they would normally be assigned to then in the "special request" area on the registration put that they'd like to play up and if applicable the coach they are playing for. 

When / where are the practices?

Each coach picks the day(s) they practice and the location.

If there is a day or time that you cannot practice, please indicate when you register. We try our best to make sure players do not get on a team that practices at a time or day of the week they cannot be there.

Generally there is 1 practice per week. If a coach is flexible and wants a second practice each week, we usually can provide a gym.

The youngest age groups get the earliest times in order to get them home earlier. K-1 graders practices are always OVER by 7pm. As the age groups go up, the later time slots are utilized.

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