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Boys & Girls Youth Basketball


WBBL Rec Season FAQs

Special rules for 5 and 6 year olds?

  • 3 on 3, half court
  • 27" ball, 8' high goal, 10' free throw line
  • No 3 second rule
  • All dead balls throw ins are at top of the key
  • For throw ins, the thrower gets a 3ft space
  • Throw in player MAY start the action by dribbling rather than passing
  • Must "take it back" to 3 pt line on all defensive rebounds or live ball turnover
  • When "taking it back" ball cannot be stolen
  • At halftime every player shoots a free throw that counts if made
  • Coaches may be on the court
  • Coaches on court must not interfere or bother any player

Does a parent need to be present on registration day? 

A parent is not required to be present on registration day, however: 

All players must register in advance here. This registration form must be completed before or on registration day. 

We do recommend at least one parent/guardian/adult be available to answer questions on registration day if need be.

How can I help?

If you would like to help the West Bearden Basketball League, please see the "Coaching Information" tab at the bottom of this page or contact Robert at 865-258-3786 or [email protected]

We are always looking to add excellent role models to the WBBL team to help coach and mentor youths. Please help us by showing these kids how responsible adults keep their eyes open for positive contributions and positive efforts from the youths that are involved with the WBBL. Positive words from adults who are not a child’s parent can have lasting effects on a child. 

What size jersey should we order?

If you are not certain of what size to order, we will have size samples at Registration Day. Our shirts are a high quality performance fabric (Dri-fit) which does not shrink. 

You can order the player’s true size. You can look at the tag of a T-Shirt that they like to wear for a size. 

Our size codes are:

- YXS= Youth Extra Small
YS = Youth Small
- YM = Youth Medium
YL = Youth Large
- YXL= Youth Extra Large

- AXS= Adult Extra Small
- A
S= Adult Small
- AM
= Adult Medium
- A
L = Adult Large
- A
XL = Adult Extra Large
- A
XXL = Adult 2 XL
- A
XXXL = Adult 3 XL

When do we get our jerseys? 

Players will receive their jersey FROM THEIR COACH one hour before their first game. All coaches will pick up the team jerseys in advance at KAEC (5719 Kingston Pike), regardless of which gym their age group is scheduled to play on the first game day. The coach can come to the Library at KAEC as early on Saturday as they wish to get their jerseys. Appointments can be made for the coach to pick up team jerseys on Friday night before the first game, if available.

All numbers will be pre-assigned by the League. No shirts will be issued to players who have not paid or made payment arrangements with the Commissioner. 

How high are the goal baskets?

  • The Peanut and Instructional Leagues (5-6 and 7-8 year olds) play on 8 foot high goals. 
  • The Training Leagues (9-10) plays on 9 foot goals, unless at the coach’s option elects to play on 10 foot goals. 
  • The Junior Varsity, Varsity, High School, and 17 & Under Leagues play on 10 foot goals. 

What kind of ball do you use for the league? 

  • The 5-6 year old boys and girls use a 27” ball, sometimes called INTERMEDIATE. The game ball we use is the multi-colored Spalding Rookie Gear ball. This season we are giving each player in this league one of these balls. The coaches will be given these balls to distribute at one of the first practices. 
  • The 7-8 and 9-10 year old boys and girls use a 28.5” (known as a Women’s High School or Women’s College ball). Also known as a COMPACT ball. 
  • The 11-12, 13-14 and 15-18 year old boys use a 29” “REGULATION” ball. Also known as “Full Size HS, College, Pro Men’s Ball. 
  • All 7-18 year old girls use 28.5"

What kind of shoes should the player wear?

Any good pair of “sneakers” will do. Shoes that are meant for changing directions are ideal, such as "Basketball," "Court," "Cross-Training," or "Tennis" shoes. Shoes should be laced up snug.

Are there other costs involved?


Main Season:  November – February

  • The one-time fee of $240 is all that is required for the entire season. A team jersey is provided and the player gets to keep it. 
  • The WBBL provides an absolutely no charge team party day on Sunday after the WBBL postseason championship tournaments are completed. This party is designed for the youngest three age groups (Ages 5-10). For every player in the 5-6 and 7-8 age groups we provide engraved medallion awards. This is a huge and fantastic event for players and their families with free popcorn and Coca-Cola products for EVERYONE. There will be a gym full of inflatable obstacle courses, supervision, and team rooms for teams to break out into for handing out the awards. 
  • There is a picture day the second weekend of December. Parents or Grandparents decide what, if any, pictures they want to purchase. Legends Photography has a very affordable price schedule, we have been very impressed with the ability of families to be able to pick and choose. One can buy just a poster of their child, just a 3D statue, or any size package they want.
  • There is a fee of $20 per player for those that elect to be put on a City Tournament Team.  The City Tournament is in February. This fee includes any new uniform jersey needed and the team fee into any City Prep Tournament.

Are There Concessions At Games?

No concessions will be provided for the 2021-2022 season.

How do you choose which age group my child is in?

A child’s “basketball” age is the age he/she was on September 1st. Players can "Play up"

  • The 5-6 year olds are in the PEANUT LEAGUE (PNT).
  • The 7-8 year old boys are in the INSTRUCTIONAL LEAGUE (INST).
  • The 7-8 year old girls are in the GIRLS ONLY INSTRUCTIONAL LEAGUE (INST GO).
  • The 9-10 year old boys are in the TRAINING LEAGUE (TR).
  • The 9-10 year old girls are in the GIRLS ONLY TRAINING LEAGUE (TR GO).
  • The 11-12 year old boys are in the JUNIOR VARSITY (JV).
  • The 11-13 year old girls are in the GIRLS ONLY JUNIOR VARSITY (JV GO).
  • The 13-14 year old boys are in the VARSITY LEAGUE (VAR). 
  • The 14-18 year old girls are in the GIRLS ONLY HIGH SCHOOL (GO HS)
  • The 15-18 year old boys are in the 17 & UNDER LEAGUE (17U).

When are the practices?

Each coach picks the day(s) they practice. If there is a day or time that you cannot practice, please write it in the “Special Request” line on the Official Registration Form and we will be sure you do not get on a team that practices at that time or day of the week. 

Generally there is 1 practice per week. If a coach is flexible and wants a second practice each week, we usually can provide a gym. Coaches try to get additional practices when they can.

The youngest age groups get the earliest times in order to get them home earlier. K-1 graders practices are always OVER by 7 pm. As the age groups go up, the later time slots are utilized.