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Boys & Girls Youth Basketball

Step 1 - Get your Coach Badge is the link for the national background check. Highly secure. Costs $0. Good for 2 years.

Send a photo - JPEG (head shot only) to [email protected]. Must give your name with the picture. Name must match one given on Background Check

No one allowed on bench without a badge. This is a City of Knoxville regulation.

If you have lost your badge - email [email protected] send a photo and let them know you need a replacement badge.

Step 2

All coaches must register for a coaching role through our WBBL system.

Step 1: Click here to register.
    1. Enter email address
    2. Create username
    3. Create password
    4. Confirm password
    5. Press "Create Account" button. 

Step 2: Complete the Account Holder 1 Information
Fill in all all boxes with appropriate information and then press continue.

Step 3: Choose the "I am a coach or other team personnel" from the pop-up window

Step 4: Select "WBBL Basketball League 2022/23"
Press the "select" button next to the program name then press the "View Available Positions" button below. 

Step 5: Select Age Group & Position Desired 
Available positions are listed by age group of league. Find the correct age group you wish to coach and press the "Sign Up" button for the role you wish to sign-up for. 

Scroll to the bottom and press the "continue" button.

Step 6: Complete the Position Information Needed for Your Role
Fill in all boxes with appropriate information then press the "Continue" button at the bottom of the page. You will then be redirected to your account page. In order to view your roster and utilize the emailing system you will need to email [email protected] so that she can assign you to your correct team(s). 

Required of Coaches

WBBL coaches & assistant coaches are required to do a background check every 2 years, and to submit a head shot photo to [email protected] to be used for a coaches badge; also must complete the concussion and sudden cardiac arrest form.

Anyone on the bench who is not a player on that team is
required to wear his/her coaches badge at every game. Badges required by City of Knoxville Parks and Rec.  If you do not have your badge you will not be able to coach. These should also be worn during practices; please get in the habit of having it around your neck while you are coaching.