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Picture Day Info

WBBL Rec League

2022 Make-up Picture Day - Saturday, December 10

 - Bearden Middle School: 8am - 6:30pm

- South Doyle Middle School: 8am - 5pm

Make-up Picture Day Info

- Individual pictures can be taken whenever works for parent/child and/or game time (i.e. before or after game, during siblings game, etc).

- This year Legends Photography will be creating composite team photos - i.e. will take everyone's individual photos and combine them to make a team picture - meaning the whole team no longer needs to be together for team picture. 

- So that team pictures are possible ... please have each player take an individual photo. Even if you do not plan to purchase - Legends will create your photos for you to view online and order if you choose to. 

-  Any player / team can go to either make-up picture day gym for pictures.