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WBBL- Knoxville, TN - Youth Basketball for Boys and Girls.

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Basketball IQ

Topic: Post Defense

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Strength & Conditioning

Workout #7:

25 Jumping Jacks
1 Minute Planks Hold
1 Minute Quick Feet Toe Taps
15 Squat Jumps - jump as high as you can
1 Minute Defensive Slides
10 Push-ups
20 Calf Raises
Repeat X 3 


  • Do a slight warm-up: jog in place and high knees to get the heart pumping
  • Work hard
  • Perform each movement/exercise correctly
  • Remember to always breathe
  • Stay hydrated
  • Have some fun with it
  • Stretch as needed after
  • Replenish your body with proper nutrients & water afterwards

Balanced Shots

IQ Test


Question 1: How do you stop a player from getting into their post position?

Question 2: Which defensive position invites passes to the post player's outsides hand/away from the basket?