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WBBL- Knoxville, TN - Youth Basketball for Boys and Girls.

April 2 Skill Lesson

Pivoting Practice

- Always be in triple threat & shot ready position

- 4 types of pivot moves:
  1. Right Front Pivot - move right foot forward, leaving left foot on the ground.
  2. Left Front Pivot - move left foot forward, leaving right foot on the ground.
  3. Right Reverse Pivot - move right foot backwards, leaving left foot on the ground.
  4. Left Reverse Pivot - move left foot backwards, leaving right foot on the ground.

- Need to be able to move your feet while also controlling your body in a strong stance

Strength & Conditioning

High Knees - 1 Minute 
Burpees - 30 seconds 
High Knees - 1 Minute 
Burpees - 30 seconds 
Repeat X 3

Lateral Skater Jumps- 1 Minute
Broad Jumps - 10 Total
Side Plank with Leg Lift - 10 Each Side  
Russian Twist - 30 Total
Repeat X 3    

Basketball IQ

Topic: Motion Offense

Instructional Video:

Highlight Video:

Skill Development

1. Practice pivoting while standing still (0:26 seconds into the video)
2. Practice pivoting after receiving the ball (1:19 into the video)
3. Practice all 4 pivots + dribbling

4. Practice dribbling + jump stop then pivoting & passing
5. Practice all 4 pivots + lay-ups (left & right) - make 10 lay-ups with each pivot move
6. Practice all 4 pivots + shooting - make 5 shots with each pivot move
- Practice pivots from all different spots around the basket

- Challenge yourself to stay low and in shot ready position

- Be creative 

- Have fun!

IQ Test


Question 1: Why is it so important to have great spacing?

Question 2: From your position what do you feel the easiest way to score in a motion offense is?