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Boys & Girls Youth Basketball

April 2 Workout

Skill Development

Pivot Workout Series: 

For each of the 4 moves you will be practicing, you will begin by: 
1. Start at the 3 point line on either wing with your back to the basket
2. Spin/toss the ball out to yourself or have someone pass you the ball
3. Jump into the pass landing on 2 feet as you catch the ball with both hands
4. Be low in triple threat position before making each move

#1. Reverse Pivot Workout: (0:41 into the video)


#2. Reverse Pivot + Jab & Cross Step Workout: (2:26 into the video)

#3. Forward Pivot: (4:03 into the video)

#4. Forward Pivot Shot: (5:23 into the video)

Strength & Conditioning

High Knees - 1 Minute 
Burpees - 30 seconds 
High Knees - 1 Minute 
Burpees - 30 seconds 
Repeat X 3

Lateral Skater Jumps- 1 Minute
Broad Jumps - 10 Total
Side Plank with Leg Lift - 10 Each Side  
Russian Twist - 30 Total
Repeat X 3    

Basketball IQ

Topic: Motion Offense

Instructional Video:

Highlight Video:

IQ Test


Question 1: Why is it so important to have great spacing?

Question 2: From your position what do you feel the easiest way to score in a motion offense is? 

Extra Work / Extra Fun