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Boys & Girls Youth Basketball

March 23 Workout Plan

Volcanoes! Today marks the first day of your home workout regimens. Below you will find a skill development workout, a strength and conditioning workout, and basketball IQ workout.

For the next 3 days we want you working on your ball handling skills, increasing your strength and cardio, and working your brain to learn the game.

Your success depends on the work you put in 
! How hard are you willing to work?

Check back in this Thursday, March 26 for the second half of this week's workout plan! 


We will announce the release of our workouts on our social media accounts... 
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Show us the work you are putting in during this break by:
1. Posting videos to your social media pages, tagging us, and using the hashtag #TNVOLCANOESAAU
2. Posting videos directly to our Facebook page

Strength & Conditioning

20 Minutes Total

These are high-intensity exercises with short rest periods to maximize calorie burn and cardiorespiratory fitness in half the time of low-intensity steady state cardio. In other words, these will get you fit fast.

Jump rope (**can be done with or without a jump rope**) - 5 Minutes Total

  • 1 Minute of Water

Round 1:
4 Minutes Total                    Round 2: 4 Minutes Total                   Round 3: 4 Minutes Total

Jump Squats - 30 seconds                  Push Ups - 30 seconds                       Up & Down Plank- 30 seconds

Rest - 10 seconds                                Rest- 10 seconds                                Rest- 10 seconds

Burpees - 30 seconds                          Mountain Climbers - 30 seconds         Sit-ups- 30 seconds 

Rest 10 seconds                                  Rest- 10 seconds                                 Rest- 10 seconds

High Knees - 30 seconds                     Stationary Bear Crawl- 30 seconds     Star Crunches- 30 seconds

Rest- 10 seconds                                  Rest- 10 seconds                                Rest- 10 seconds

Jump Squats- 30 seconds                    Push Ups - 30 seconds                       Up & Down Plank 30 seconds

Rest- 10 seconds                                  Rest- 10 seconds                                Rest- 10 seconds

Burpees - 30 seconds                           Mountain Climbers - 30 seconds        Sit-ups- 30 seconds

Rest- 10 seconds                                  Rest- 10 seconds                                Rest- 10 seconds

High Knees - 30 seconds                      Stationary Bear Crawl 30 seconds     Star Crunches- 30 seconds

Rest- 10 seconds                                  Rest- 10 seconds                                Rest- 10 seconds

    - 1 Minute of Water                                - 1 Minute of Water                             - Stretch

Basketball IQ

Topic: Pick and Roll

Instructional Video:

Highlight Video:

Skill Development

Instructional Videos:

1 ball dribbling drill 

2 ball dribbling drill - Stationary 

2 ball dribbling drill- Moving 


1. Make sure you keep your eyes up

2. Dribble the ball as hard as you can with your finger pads

3. Try to wear out your forearms and wrists

4. Get the ball back into your hand as quick as possible

5. Have an imagination/be creative 

Since you will likely not be in a traditional space (the gym) you want to make sure you have an imagination and envisioning yourself in that setting while you work hard to get better.

S&C Info


  • Do not skip warm-ups - get that heart pumping & stretch as needed
  • Work hard & perform as many reps as possible during each 30 seconds
  • Perform each movement/exercise correctly - see videos below
  • Remember to always breathe
  • Stay hydrated
  • Have some fun with it
  • Stretch as needed after
  • Replenish your body with proper nutrients & water after

Proper Technique Videos: 

No rope jump rope

Squat Jump


High Knees


Mountain Climbers

Stationary Bear Crawl

Up & Down Plank


Star Crunches 

IQ Test


1. What were the critical points made in the instructional video for a pick and roll to be successful? 

2. In the highlight video how many times were shots uncontested because of a successful screen and read of the defense?

Extra Work / Extra Fun

Watch: Spurs Top 50 Plays From the Last Decade

Read: "The Best Basketball Advice I Ever Got" - By: Jason Kidd


Volcano Bingo - can you complete the entire board?

Volcano Name Workout 

Volcano Trivia Round 2 - Coming Soon!