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Boys & Girls Youth Basketball

WBBL 2022-2023 Game Schedules

Each gym has a separate page. At the top of the page we put in RED what age groups/divisions are playing in that gym.

Gym Location / Address is listed at the top of the page in the header. Click here for Gym Directions.

On schedules we format by: coach’s name, division abbreviation, and team color. 
      -  Example= Smith VAR Navy

Division abbreviations:
    - PNT = 5-6 year olds
      - INST = 7-8 year old boys teams 
      - INST GO or I GO = 7-8 year old girls teams
      - TR = 9-10 year old boys teams
      - TR GO = 9-10 year old girls teams
      - JV = 11-12 year old boys teams
      - JV GO = 11-13 year old girls teams
      - VAR = 13-14 year old boys teams
      - HS GO = 14-18 year old girls teams
      - 17s = 15-18 year old boys teams 

Several coaches have multiple teams in different divisions - be sure you're checking the correct division abbreviation/game schedule pertaining to your child. 

If team name is in BOLD on the schedule, that means you are playing a double header (i.e. 2 games). 
**Please note: Games schedules are subject to change. These changes will be shown in RED on the schedule. We will alert coaches, players, and parents of these changes via e-mail. Updated schedules will be posted following email announcements.**


November 12 Game Schedule


November 19 Game Schedule
December 3 Game Schedule
December 10 Game Schedule

December 17 Game Schedule

January 7 Game Schedule

January 14 Game Schedule

January 21 Game Schedules (Semifinals)

** Win or Lose Teams Play January 28**

January 28 Game Schedules (Championships or Consolations)

wbbl championship tournament brackets

January 21 (Semifinals)

- First round of "WBBL Championship Tournaments" for all age groups teams.

- Majority of teams play 1 game (very few teams have BYES)

- All teams will move on to play January 28 for Championship or Consolation game

January 28  (Championships or Consolations

- Second round of "WBBL Championship Tournament" for all age groups.

- All teams will play for either the championship or a consolation game

Additional Championship Tournament Information: 

- Each age group has been divided into brackets based on how each team did throughout the season.

- Teams are in brackets with teams of similar strength/skill to make for fair and competitive final games. 

- In most cases, brackets are made up of 4 teams - some exceptions where brackets are made up of more or fewer teams.

- The lowest/easiest tournament is 1A, and then goes up from there. 

PNT Brackets

INST Brackets

INST GO Brackets

TR Brackets

TR GO Brackets

JV Brackets

JV GO Brackets

VAR Brackets

HS Brackets

9th Grade

10th Grade

11th Grade 

12th Grade

HS GO Brackets