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Boys & Girls Youth Basketball

Timely FAQs for Coaches


1Coaching Badges and Background Check
2. Practice Schedule, Practice Availability, and Practice Gym Protocol
3Game Times, Locations, and Schedule Requests


1. Coaching Badges & Background Check

Reminder background checks are good for 2 years. To complete a highly secure and $0 cost background visit:  After completing your background check - Please send a photo JPEG (head shot only) to [email protected] You must give your name with the picture and the name must match the one gave for your background check. When Background check and Picture have been emailed badge will be made in appoximately 10 days.

Returning Coaches:

Please find and check your badge to make sure it is up-to-date and does not expire before February 2022.  If you have lost your badge, email [email protected]gov, send a new photo, and let them know you need a replacement badge. If your badge is expired or will expire during the season you will need to order a new badge. 

New Coaches or Coaches with Expired Badges:

To be allowed on the bench, all WBBL coaches MUST have a coaching badge. This is City of Knoxville regulation. Please send a photo JPEG (head shot only) to [email protected] after completing your background check using the link above. You must give your name with the picture and the name must match the one gave for your background check. 

Coaching badges will be delivered to you at your game sites as they arrive.


2. Practice Schedule, Practice Availability, and Practice Gym Protocol

Practice Schedule 

Tuesday, November 8 - Election Day

Gyms impacted by Election Day are: Pond Gap Elementary School, Deane Hill Rec Center, & Bearden Middle School. We ARE practicing everywhere else on Election Day.

Practice Availability

Please call Robert with your practice availability. If you are not using your practice slot, please let Robert know in advance. Practice times and location may vary depending on availability.

When looking at the practice schedule please read the header for EXCEPTIONS.

Check all the practice slots you expect to be, and make sure that you are there. If there are any errors please call Robert immediately. 

Blue highlighted slots indicate extra practice slots.

Pink or red highlighted slots indicate we do not have that practice slot yet, but we are working on it. 

Practice Gym Protocol 

First practice of the night - Do not enter the gym earlier than 5 minutes before your practice slot. 

Last practice of night - Please clear trash leave gym in good shape. Please leave on time. 

Food or Beverage - Water with lid only. No Food. There will be no public water fountains this season. 

NO unattended siblings - Any children in your practice gym need to be sitting with their parents.

Head coach or assistant must be with players at ALL times. If not possible, call Robert to "deputize" another responsible adult to take responsibility of team. Do NOT put someone in charge of practice before you have cleared it with Robert, as this will put you in a precarious legal situation. 

General Guidelines:
- Be courteous of teams practicing before you. Stay out of gym and off of courts
- Leave the gym cleaner than when you arrived
- Do not touch gym class/school equipment around the gym
- Use the restrooms closest to the gym
- Enter ONLY through the assigned/outside door (uncertain? ask Robert @ 865.258.3786)
- Do not prop doors open unless unavoidable 
- Put goal(s) back to 10' after using


3. Game Times, Locations, & Schedules Requests

Game Schedules










PNT - VAR WBBL Tournament Brackets

- PNT Brackets

- INST Brackets 

- TR Brackets 

- JV Brackets 

- VAR Brackets 

- INST GO Brackets

- TR GO Brackets 

- JV GO Brackets 

-  If team name is in bold that means you have a DOUBLE HEADER
** Please note: Games schedules are subject to change. These changes will be shown in RED on the schedule. We will alert coaches, players, and parents of these changes via e-mail. Updated schedules will be posted 
following email announcements.**

We would love to end early every week, but you need to be prepared to have a tip-off as early as 8:45am and as late at 7:00pm

Game Schedule Arrival Dates

  - November 12 - game schedules will be to you by November 9
  - November 19 - game schedules will be to you by November 16
  - December 3, 10, & 17 - game schedules will be to you by Thanksgiving.
  - January 7 & 14 - game schedules will be to you by Christmas.

We understand that the schedule contains a lot of information. We will include a front page on the schedule detailing unusual things to look out for; however, it is the coach’s responsibility as coaches to communicate with parents and players effectively. To do this we suggest that you:

   1. Explain to parents and players what your team is called.
      -  On schedules we format by: coach’s name, division abbreviation, and team color. 
      -  Example= Smith VAR Navy

   2. Explain to parents and players what division you are in and what abbreviations mean.
      - PNT = 5-6 year olds
      - INST = 7-8 year old boys teams 
      - INST GO = 7-8 year old girls teams
      - TR = 9-10 year old boys teams
      - TR GO = 9-10 year old girls teams
      - JV = 11-12 year old boys teams
      - JV GO = 11-13 year old girls teams
      - VAR = 13-14 year old boys teams
      - HS GO = 14-17 year old girls teams
      - 17s = 15-18 year old boys teams 

   3. Carve out your team’s game times and locations for parents and players and communicate your team’s game info directly to
. Them seeing the whole schedule online can be confusing.  
    -   Several of you have multiple teams in different divisions. Let them know this so that they can make sure they are looking at
        correct team. 

   4. Understand and explain to players and parents that if your name is in BOLD on the schedule, that means you are playing a
       double header that day.

  - There will be multiple age groups in different gyms. Please make sure you double check all game locations. Each gym has a separate page. At the top of the page we put in RED what age groups/divisions are playing in that gym.

  - If you get the schedule and do not find your team on it, please call us IMMEDIATELY, unless you are fully expecting to not have a game that day. 

Schedule Requests 

We now use a shared document for game schedule requests. 

- We have provided instructions in this document as to how to enter your schedule requests properly.

- Please be sure you are only adding your schedule request and not deleting anything when adding your entry. 

- You no longer need to email Marlene or Robert your schedule requests unless it is a last minute request or emergency. 

Request Deadlines ....

- We need all game schedule requests for November by Sunday, November 6.

- We need all game schedule requests for December by Sunday, November 20 

- We need all January game schedule request for January by Sunday, December 18.

** Please note: if your game schedule request is not on this document by the required dates above (i.e. you have a last minute request or an emergency request) you will need to contact Robert by emailing your request to [email protected]. Otherwise, your request may be overlooked and we may be unable to accommodate your request. **