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Boys & Girls Youth Basketball

We believe that AAU basketball should  focus on the bigger, long-term picture over the short-term, win-at-all-costs mentality. That's why it's vital that players find the right AAU program or team.


The TN Volcanoes AAU basketball program was created in the Spring of 2016 by Robert Hewgley and the core WBBL Team.  In 2019 we proudly expanded our program to include the Lady Volcanoes AAU program. We now offer boys 2nd/3rd grade - high school teams and girls 3rd - 11th grade teams. We expect our program to continue to grow as we establish our teams through player development. 

Our AAU program continues to be run by our devoted WBBL team and built on the same core beliefs and dedication to our players and parents that has made the WBBL and WBBL Offseason Development programs successful. For years we have worked hard to provide our players, WBBL supporters, and the basketball community a space to learn and enjoy the game of basketball.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the TN Volcanoes AAU program is to develop dedicated basketball players on and off the court. We provide athletes the opportunity to work on the most modern skills in order to play at a higher level of basketball. It is our belief that athletes need to be treated fair and to be developed at a young age; therefore, everyone that is a part of our Volcanoes program is offered 3 hours of team practice per week and an additional 3 hours of skill work. 

Our players are taught and mentored by knowledgeable and dedicated coaches. Our staff teaches effort, sportsmanship, and team camaraderie as core values. Our coaches collaborate with one another as a team to maintain a cohesive basketball curriculum. It is our belief that it is the process not the result that improves players on and off the court. Our program is fueled by our passion for basketball and player development. It is our goal to help our players reach their goals in life, make their school teams, learn sportsmanship, understand the value of teamwork, while also making lifelong friendships and having fun.


Do all players make a team?

No. Players interested in playing with the TN Volcanoes or Lady Volcanoes AAU must attend try-outs to be considered for a team. We will select a limited number of players per team. 

We are looking for players that have the talent, desire to win, and work ethic to help our teams be successful in games. It helps their prospect to be selected for a team if basketball is their main sport this spring. Our goal is to try and get the 10 best players on a team that will help us win games.


When I
s the Spring Season?

Our Spring season runs late February through the end of May


How Often Are the Games?

Our teams play at least 6 tournaments during the Spring season. Typically, this requires teams to play every other weekend. Most times teams choose to not play during the time of spring break, on Mother's Day, or Easter weekend.

We allow our coaches to pick their team's tournaments. 

The majority of tournaments that our teams play in have a 3 game minimum.


Is There Travel Involved? 

With the exception of our Elite Lady Volcano Exposure Teams who travel to various places in and out of the state of Tennessee, all of our tournaments that we offer our coaches to choose from are "local" - 45 minutes / 1 hour from Knoxville. 


When/Where Are Practices?

Teams practice twice a week, for 1.5 hours each, at school gyms in West Knoxville.


What Type of Uniforms/Apparel Do Players Receive? 

Each new Volcano player receives the following: 

- Home and Away Uniforms: 1 Adidas uniform plus 1 alternate uniform. 

- Personalized Adidas backpack 

- Personalized Adidas sweatshirt

- Adidas sweatpants

- Personalized shooter shirt with name 

- Adidas slides


What is the cost?

$700 for new players 

$550 for returning Volcano players 

No fundraising. No additional open gym, try-out, or registration costs. One time fee for the entire season, uniform, and apparel. Payment plans available.